My name is Lisa and I should probably start this introduction with a confession.  I'm not a writer.  I've never had any real aspirations to be a writer.  Most of the time I can barely string a coherent sentence together in general conversation, let alone create something that is entertaining to others.  However, my beautiful, wonderful, 2 year old son Hugo has recently been diagnosed with leukaemia.  I wanted to keep a record of his journey.  In part for him, so he has something to look at when he's older that's not just a list of dates and treatments.  But also for me.  I found writing my thoughts and feelings down to be therapeutic.  I started to think it might help others in a similar situation, to know they are not alone.  So, I've gone for it.  I hope you like it and I hope, for some, it helps.

I should also add, for completeness, as it seems polite, that I am married to Richard and we have another beautiful, wonderful son called Henry.

Lisa x

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