Beginnings and Endings

The big day had arrived, my little brother was getting married!  Hugo was well enough for me to feel comfortable leaving him, so I put on my frock, glammed myself up, then Henry, my gorgeous date for the day, and I headed off to Islington.

It was a wonderful day.  There was romance, fun, pride and happiness.  Beautiful dresses and sharp suits.  Heartfelt vows were made and promises exchanged.  There were fantastic speeches causing both laughter and tears.  Delicious food and funky dancing.  Most of all there was love, everywhere.  Between the bride and groom, but also from family and friends whose obvious affection for the couple created a beautiful atmosphere, resulting in the most perfect day.

I love a wedding at the best of times, but it was so much more than that.  I watched as my brother embarked on the next stage of his life with someone who sees the goodness and kindness in him that I see.  Who will love and cherish him and bring joy to his life, as he will to hers.  I felt proud.  Proud of my little brother, of the person he has become and the step he was taking.  At the life him and his wife were making, of the wonderful team they make.  I was honoured and delighted to have witnessed something so special between two people that I care so very much about.  It also allowed me to forget my troubles for a short while and lose myself in something that was pure, and happy, and so very beautiful.
My gorgeous date for the day
Henry was a fantastic date.  After so much time apart it was lovely to spend time with him having fun, eating cake, and hitting the dance floor.  As the only child there, Henry relished the attention and was quite the social butterfly.

Along with watching my brother and his wife embark on a new beginning as husband and wife, today marked an ending, that of Hugo's first phase of treatment.  He marked this occasion by going for a haircut with his daddy.  Nothing too drastic, just an interim cut to prepare him (and us) for what is to come.  He took it all in his stride and is still looking as cute as ever.

Still such a cutie!
All in all a very proud day for this big sister and mummy.

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