Baby Steps

Summer is well and truly upon us, even if in true British style, the weather is less than sunny.

We were supposed to be on holiday this week.  We'd been due to stay in a converted barn on a farm near the Suffolk coast.  With days at the beach eating fish and chips and lots of ice-cream planned.  Instead, Henry has been at a hastily booked holiday activity camp and Hugo and I have been dealing with nurse visits and a trip to our local hospital for another dose of vincristine.

Hugo continues to cope incredibly well.  His energy levels are increasing, along with his confidence.  He is somehow managing to keep a smile on his face and I couldn't be prouder of my littlest man.  Best of all, he has started to walk again.  He's still a little unsteady and wobbly, reminiscent of his very first baby steps.  But for the first time in 2 months, he's taken actual steps.  We've cheered him, praised him and he is as delighted with himself as we are.  I'm aware that he may stop walking again as he works his way through new drugs, but for the moment, go Hugo!

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