Freedom! Well almost. Perhaps a small step towards freedom is a more accurate description. Today we have been allowed outside.  After a blood transfusion yesterday, Hugo was taken off fluids so is no longer hooked up to a drip, there is no trolley to trundle round behind us everywhere we go.  

Before we were able to leave the hospital, it was time for a new drug, Pegaspargase. This one is given as an injection into the leg. It's quick, but unfortunately not painless and Hugo was not impressed.  But, we had the great outdoors to look forward to. After a brief period of waiting for any unfavourable reactions, we were off!

Henry had come up for a visit so the 4 of us headed to the park round the corner from the hospital. A little family outing! I was dizzy with excitement, but also nervous at the thought of being away from the safety of the hospital. Hugo still not walking at least meant I didn't have to worry about him running off and taking a tumble and knocking his wiggly out, but I was still ridiculously nervous as I tentatively put him in the swing, like I was handling a newborn baby for the first time. If I could have wrapped him up in cotton wool I would have.  But, he had a great time, as did Henry. It was so wonderful all being together and getting some much longed for fresh air. But more than that, it gave me hope.  Hope that perhaps it would be possible to have some semblance of normality as a family on this journey we find ourselves on. We returned to the hospital, brighter, lifted and one step closer to the real freedom of going home.

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